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love it,
I heard you about 13 years ago when you did a CD release at a hotel outside of Berklee. I bought the CD and gave it to my mother in law who LOVES it!! I was surfing the web to see if you were still playing and was happy to discover that you are. The songs are still played with a smoothness that is soothing to the soul. I'm glad I found your music and will buying your CDs (for ME as well as my mother in law. Blessings,
Woah! I'm really enjoying the template/theme of this website. It's simple, yet effective. A lot of times it's challenging to get that "perfect balance" between usability and appearance. I must say you have done a great job with this. Additionally, the blog loads very fast for me on Internet explorer. Outstanding Blog!
My best friend from the age of 7 and my loyal locker partner at JHS for 4 years, Bill Burns, found you (Facebook) and helped me find you. Glad I did. Bill has called me "Mock" for 43 years, but you created the moniker for me in typing class. We did have fun - and your music, even then, was such a source of joy. Being cheerleaders together? Hello Dolly? Glee Club? Judy Bishop! Damn she was cute. And you are lookin mighty good Hooodak. I was thinking, do you remember that we never, ever called any of our fellow classmates by their first names at Jesuit? It was always by their last. And so, best wishes to you from . . . . . who else ? Mock!!! P. S. Love your website and video. pm
I just book marked your blog on Digg and StumbleUpon.I enjoy reading your commentaries.
Hey Jim.......... Good to see you and hear your voice. Still at Ascap, 20th year !
Hi Jim - I hope you are well. I took a listen to your music - really nice! It is hard to find good instrumental piano music these days, so I'm glad I found yours! If you'd like a glimpse of what our life is like, check out my blog at http://homeindouglas.blogspot.com Take care!
Jim, I think we went to school together for a couple years at St. Pius X in Portland! Love your music! I'm going to pick up a couple of your cd's soon! Take care!
Glad to run across this site, Beautiful Music. Tell Linda I said Hello, enjoy Superbowl! :) Sylvia Davis-Las Vegas
Hi Jim, It was nice meeting you at Vic Stewarts on New Years Eve. Great easy listening music. I scanned in the two album covers that I purchased from you. Feel free do download them and add them to your album art (I use iTunes). http://www.flickr.com/photos/r1tommy/sets/72157625722448588/detail/ Take care. /tommy
I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!
Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.
This is a very nice site. I never heard your music before but i now i like it and i will return for sure. James http://www.nannycamz.com
Hello, You site is very good. you know some interesting additions to WordPress? Gretz.
Hi Jim. Long time but for one reason or another you cross my mind from time to time. Always positive memories of our HS days, perhaps most notably and memorable was your very early masterpiece now referred to (only by those who were present) as "the orange". Amazing. Most recently, I thought of you because their will be a memorial service Frs. Oliver and DeJardin at the school tomorrow, April 16, in the event that you haven't already been notified. I really enjoyed reading the many glowing comments from your fans and would love to see you when you're next in town--and see you perform, too, if that's something you'd ever consider doing here. Keep up the great work Jim. I wish you continued success. Chris
Hello: Enjoyed your performance at Round Hill last Friday night. Appreciated your great arrangements of both your original songs and songs by Supertramp and David Bromberg. NO ONE does what you do. Keep it up! JG
Hi Jim: Love your music and your unique, creative style piano playing. Do you ever tour in the Denver area? Let me know if you'll be performing in this area.
I, envy you. Your site is much better under the maintenance and design than mine. Who to you the design did? http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/4550404
Hello! I very much liked your site! Good luck! http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/3081385
Hi Jim: Just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I love your music. We discovered you on iTunes and have since bought many of your recordings as digital downloads. Any chance you'll be touring on the east coast sometime? We'd love to see and hear you play "live." Thank you for sharing your gift of music. Marilyn and Daniel Hoffman Baltimore, MD
Jim, I met you about a month ago at Round Hill. I was with Howard Way and was visiting from Arizona. As i remember, you were born in Tombswtone. I'm really writing to say that I play you CD's often. Mostly in the mornings when i first get up. Don't know if you have ever thought of the music as "morning music". I didn't, but now I do.
You are the greatest! We've never seen a pianist so adept at so many styles from such a wide variety of artists. Your own compositions are wonderful, too. We could listen to you all day and all night. Thank you for your gift of music! We love you-- Doug and Patty from Walnut Creek
I enjoy your music at RHCC and the CD's at home. Howard Way
Hello to all ! Great site. I am new here greetings to all from Poland.
I just discovered you today on my XM radio station and love your music. Is the sheet music available for purchase anywhere? I bought some tracks from your Bridging Textures album and would love to learn to play them.
Jim! It was so nice to hear from you. My mom found your website and told me about it. I'm so glad things are going well for you. Would love someday soon to see you again and meet your wife. And of course hear you perform. I'm one of the few people out there who can say "I sang with Jim Hudak when I was 12." Oh those poor parents and nuns! Fondly Steve
Hi Jim! My father is Jim Hudak here in Pullman, WA. He's a retired civil engineer, I co-own a music store (intruments mainly). I think he told me Hudak meant "poorboy"! I've been an avid musician all my life and am happy to learn it's real meaning! He grew up in Cleveland, born in '32, his mom was from Kocise(sp?) in Slovakia. Maybe we're related somehow? Just had to email you... Have a good one...!
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The story about your friend receiving his first royalty check really hit home. There's nothing quite like getting paid for making music. Good luck with your future success and that of your friend. I have purchased several downloads of your recordings and love your music!
just messin around goggling people i used to know and I wonder if this is the Jim from St. pius x 6th grade class...this is DeAnn..remember me?
We loved your performance at Round Hill last weekend. What an amazing talent! Thank you for taking a few minutes to talk with us during your break. Continued success with your music career! Marty and Rick
great work
It was so nice to meet you at the Coffee Talks seminar with Dave Grusin at the L.A. Film Festival. What a nice website, and your songs are beautiful! We hope to see -- and hear from -- you again soon! P.S. Go Chargers!
Just heard Steppes II on Visions XM radio, Googled Jim Hudak, found this site, listened to Bridges from CD Baby, ordered the CD. Looking forward to it's arrival and some great Piano.
Jim, Thank you for remember us at Christmas. I'm sitting here in room 4 at Jesuit correcting Comparative Religion exams and playing on my computer to break up the monotony. My favorite song from your CDs in Bus Stop" I just love your version of it and it always puts me in a good mood. By the way, last night Colleen O'Brien and Chris came over for dinner and your name came up a few times, so I thought I would write you and see how you are doing. I'm still teaching and running and having a good time. I guess you heard about the death of Jack Golden last Christmas, he died of cancer. A trerrible thing! Take it easy and write me back when you can. Tom Manning
I just adore your music. I listen to it all day long on www.pandora.com.
Hi there, just found you via http://daz.com/artists/Jim%20Hudak.html hope you come to Holland sometime! Great music..
To Fellow Hudak Lovers Everywhere, "The Spunkies" was one of Jim's many creative endeavors, a 'garage' band that focused mainly on original jazz and rock (also "folk-you" songs). Recordings are difficult to obtain, but not impossible. Richly rewarding - maybe available thru his website. WE LOVE YOU, JIM! ~Chaz
Always a pleasure to speak with you. Keep swingin'.
Please share more about the Spunkies; I am intrigued.
Chok-man! No one captures the essence of music experience in writing like you do. You really nailed the description of the most recent Greater Spunkie Family Reunion at Jollity Farm Studio. You are a gifted tongue-in-cheek wordsmith. Thanks for the anniversary greetings today. I look forward to so many more! B-sharp always! Argey
We saw you at Massimo's recently and so enjoyed your selections and music! From Duke Ellington to The Grateful Dead...we were stunned and overjoyed at what we heard. Thank you for being so personable, too.
I noted the entry on your Nashville performance with the Spunkies...any chance you'll share their sound with your fans?
great music! nice to have met you at the cac. hope to see you more.
Your music is great! Especially the originals, but I love all of it. Thank you!
Really great looking site, Jim - keep up the good work!
Thanks for your Christmas card!
Just googled my name and found another James Hudak that is a musician. I`m 40 and live in Ohio. I play bass, keyboard, and do some singing. Not expecting a reply but I just thought it would be pretty cool to touch base. Good Luck in all endeavors, James Hudak
Jim, your site is impressive and so is your success!
We saw your show at the Freight and Salvage. Absolutely amazing! As your song said, you are definitely an Undiscovered Star! We'll be telling the world about your talent!
Jim keeps the standards alive for music lovers of all ages to revel in. George Jardine Vice President, California Retired Teachers
At Last! Nourishing music that can be listened to again and again. Nothing short of wonderful!
My husband and I have all your CD's. We love them! Thank you for the music. Mickey
I enjoy your music. You write lovely melodies. Keep it coming!
Great music. Love the CD! Bridging Textures has some of the most beautiful piano pieces.
Your new CD is wonderful - very diverse - music for everyone to enjoy!!
It's great to hear such good music. Keep it up!
Nice website Jim, I'm on my way to check your stuff out at CD baby now. Didn't realize how many CD's you had put out, you are a busy guy!

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